52 Tola Chandi Price In Pakistan- Silver Rate In Pakistan

By Staff ⏰ Updated  May 3, 2024

Current Silver rate in Pakistan today, 3 May 2024, is as follows

24k Silver Price IN RS / PKR IN USD/Dollar
Rate 1 Gram 219 0.78
Rate per 10 Grams  2,160 7.75
Rate per Tola 2,530 9.04
Rate per Troy Ounce 6,750 24.12
Rate per Kilogram 218,610 775.39

Silver rate remain same in the whole country. Slight difference of same rupees may notice sometime. To know gold rate, check the link. Silvergoldrate.pk

Chandi Price In Pakistan

Today Silver(Chandi) Rate in Pakistan 29 May 2024

(silver also known as “Chandi”).

Silver Type Rate per Gram Rate per 10 Grams Rate per Tola Rate per Troy Ounce Rate per Kilogram
24K 219 2,160 2,530 6,750 218,610
22K 200 1,980 2,330 6,200 199,000
21K 191 1,900 2,220 6,200 190,500
18K 162 1,615 1,890 5,000 162,300

Table has silver rate according to exchange market. A little bit difference may notice across the city. Visit Sona/bullion market before making and deal or purchase so you may know the exact rate of that time from your city market.

Silver Rate in Major Cities in Pakistan

City Silver Rate per Tola Silver Rate per 10 Gram
Karachi 2,530 2,160
Hyderabad 2,530 2,160
Lahore 2,530 2,160
Multan 2,530 2,160
Islamabad 2,530 2,160
Faisalabad 2,530 2,160
Rawalpindi 2,530 2,160
Quetta 2,530 2,160

52.5 Tola Chandi Price in Different Cities of Pakistan

City 52.5 Tola Chandi City Prices
Karachi 133,800
Hyderabad 133,800
Lahore 133,800
Multan 133,800
Islamabad 133,800
Faisalabad 133,800
Rawalpindi 133,800
Quetta 133,800

We are clearing that the silver rate remains the same throughout Pakistan, although you may notice a little bit of a change of 50 rupees to 200 rupees across cities.

About Silver

Silver is a metal that is valuable after Gold. It is used for many purposes mainly for jewelry and investing purposes. The rate of silver is less than the rate of gold. That’s why society chooses silver as compared to gold. It is a very sensitive and delicate metal to use. People love to wear silver and love to gift silver.

From where does we get silver

Argentite, chlorargyrite and galena are the ores where it is excreted A limited amount of this metal is also found in copper, gold and zinc as impurity.

Where silver is used?

Silver is liked due to its luster. It is a valuable metal used to make jewelry. People also keep it for investing purposes. It is more affordable than gold because it has much less price than gold.

For example, 1 Tola of Silver/Chandi has price round about 2,530 PKR while of gold it is 237,200 (Silvergoldrate.pk).

Others uses

  1. For making utensils
  2. For making coins
  3. For making jewelry
  4. It is also used sometimes in embroidery

Zakat on Silver

According to Islamic teaching Gold and Silver are the entities that cause Zakat.

Zakat is a fixed amount given on a specific amount called “Nisaab”. Its percentage is fixed that is 0.025%. For silver “Nisaab” is 52.5 tola (Chandi) or silver.

And Zakat will be 0.25% of total amount.

Suppose 1 tola price = 2550 PKR

Price of 52.5 tola: 2550 x 52.5= 133,875

Zakat will be: 0.025 x 133, 875= 3,346.

You can calculate your Zakat according from this formula.

Factors influence the silver price in Pakistan

The major factors that cause the fluctuation of silver rates in Pakistan are economic stability, political conditions, and changes in the value of the US dollar, as silver is traded internationally in dollars.

  1. Its demand as compare to gold is less
  2. Gold price in bullion market effect the silver price
  3. Political insatiability influence silver price
  4. Industrial demand changes the silver price in gold market
  5. As there is less supply of silver from international markets, it is the main reason for the change in silver rates in Pakistan.
  6. Due to economic disturbances, people can’t afford more amount of silver now, which can impact the silver rates.
  7. The price of gold also affects the silver rate, as the rate of gold rises, it also affects the silver rates.
  8. Due to interest issues, the silver becomes unobtainable.

Factors influence the silver rate in Worldwide

The factors listed below influence the silver rate in Pakistan.

Factors that influence silver Pakistan:

  1. Supply and demand

  2. Gold price

  3. Interest rates

  4. Inflation

  5. Industrial demand

  6. Economic trends

  7. US Dollar

  8. Govt Policies

  9. Import and exchange rate

Current Silver Rates in Pakistan

As of Saturday, 3 May 2024, the silver rate in Pakistan stands at Rs. 2,530 per tola.These rates can change from city to city. For instance, in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Quetta.


1. What is the most recent silver rate in Pakistan?

As of today, 3 May 2024, the silver rate in Pakistan is Rs. 2,530 per tola.

2. Why does the silver Rate vary?

The major factors that cause the variations of silver rates in Pakistan are economic stability, political conditions, and changes in the value of the US dollar, as silver is traded internationally in dollars.

3. Is the silver rate the same in all cities of Pakistan?

Yes, the silver rate remains the same throughout Pakistan but you may find a difference of some rupees in different cities.

4. How can I keep track of the latest silver rates in Pakistan?

To keep in touch with the latest silver rates in Pakistan, you can regularly check reliable sources like silvergoldrate.pk.

5. Can silver prices be affected by global factors?

Yes, silver prices can be affected by global factors.

6. How often do silver rates change?

Silver rates can vary throughout the day, based on market conditions and global factors.